Veterans and Military Families Support Obama

Today is the official launch of Veterans and Military Families for Obama, a group dedicated to getting involved in this election around the issues that affect those of us in the military community. Over the next few days, in towns and cities across the country, supporters like you will come together to build this movement.

We’re going to be a huge part of re-electing President Obama — and we know better than most what dedicated people can accomplish when they team up to achieve a common goal.

Watch this video message from the President and First Lady, and sign up to join us.

Video: Barack and Michelle Obama's message for veterans

Be sure to pass this along to anyone you know who might want to be a part of this, too.

President Obama has often said there is nothing he takes more seriously than his role as Commander in Chief and the responsibility he has to those who have served and sacrificed for their country. Over the past three years, the President has backed up his words with his actions.

Since he took office, 142,000 American troops have left Iraq, and we’ve eliminated much of al-Qaeda’s senior leadership — including Osama bin Laden himself.

The President has significantly boosted the Veterans Affairs budget to ensure that veterans receive the highest quality benefits, and has made mental health services for every returning veteran a top priority.

But, as a veteran myself, I understand we have much more to do for America’s returning troops. Far too many servicemen and women find themselves struggling to make ends meet when they return home.

That’s why President Obama has led the fight to put America’s veterans back to work by signing tax credits that incentivize businesses to hire veterans. It’s also why he’s proposed creating a Veterans Job Corps to enlist veterans in the work of rebuilding our nation.

We’ve made great strides for veterans and military families under this president. But our work is not done, and the progress we’ve already made is at stake.

That’s why your support in this campaign is critical.

Join Veterans and Military Families for Obama today, and help continue the work we’ve started:


Robert Diamond
Veterans and Military Families Vote Director
Obama for America

Stop student loan interest rates from doubling

Menendez for Senate |

Stop student loan rates from doubling on June 30! Add your name.After all our middle-class families have gone through, I can’t believe we’re discussing increasing the interest rates on student loans. I really can’t.

Jobs are scarce; the need for skilled workers is critical. Yet Republicans are filibustering legislation that would keep student loan interest rates from doubling on June 30. They’re doing it to protect tax loopholes for their billionaire supporters.

It’s as if they’re from another planet.

We can’t have this kind of thing happen when people are fighting so hard just to get by. A little common sense, reason and fairness can get a bill passed.

Our families and students deserve more from us. It’s time for the games to end and Republicans to help us stop student loan rates from doubling.

Click here to join me in sending that message to Republicans. We only have until June 30 to pass this legislation.

I was the first in my family to go to college. I’m proud of that, and my family is too.

The son of a carpenter and a seamstress, my parents taught me early on how important it was to learn, to grow, to value education. It took federal grants and student loans to see our dream of higher education through.

We’re really on the verge of taking that opportunity away to preserve unnecessary tax loopholes? Our kids deserve better.

For students struggling to pay for college and racking up debt, this argument’s not academic or theoretical. The extra $1,000 that the average student would have to pay each year if we can’t get this done is real money. To them, the jump from 3.4% to 6.8% means something.

It’s the difference between being able to repay their loans and enter the workforce with good credit – opposed to being overwhelmed by debt to the point that they may never catch up.

That, to me, is unacceptable. I know it is to you, too.

Click here to join me in sending that message to Republicans. We only have until June 30 to pass this legislation.

Let’s stand with our students, right now.

My best,

Bob Menendez

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P.S. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll help spread the word to your friends and family. Visit mycampaign website and my Facebook page for the latest news about our campaign — and invite everyone you know to join us.

What year are we in?

Menendez for Senate |

With the way Republicans operate, it’s getting hard to tell what year we’re in.

Tell Congress: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

They’re trying to block the Paycheck Fairness Act, a reasonable update to a bill passed in 1963!

It’s the latest in a long string of attacks on women. This bill would require employers to provide evidence that there are factors other than sex at play when they pay men more than women. It would penalize companies that can’t come up with legitimate reasons.

Fundamental fairness. Yet, Republicans don’t want it to pass.

They’re pledging to vote against it when it gets brought to the floor, which could happen very soon. That’s why I’m joining with Senators Cantwell, Cardin, Gillibrand and Stabenow to demand that Republicans help pass this bill. It’s the right thing to do.

But they won’t see that unless you’re with us.

Click here to call on Republicans to pass this bill, immediately.

Republicans continue taking aim at the idea that everyone — man or woman, regardless of race — deserves a shot.

Paycheck fairness is a vital component of the American Dream. Blocking it flies in the face of everything we, as a country, stand for.

Between health care and now women’s wages, the Republican attacks are un-ending.

These aren’t even reasonable policy debates. Republicans are finding ways to put the brakes on bills that previous Congresses passed with bipartisan support many years ago.

The Paycheck Fairness Act should pass right now, easily. That’s what we’re standing for. We need you to join us in making a stand.

Click here to call on Republicans to pass this bill, immediately.

If you’re with us, we can get this thing passed. But that’s the only way.

Take action.

My best,

Bob Menendez


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The Life of Julia

Obama - Biden
Meet Julia.Over the course of her life, she’ll be a lot of things — a student, a young professional, a mother, and a small-business owner. She’ll pay taxes and buy a home. She’ll retire.

Julia could be your daughter, your mom, or your grandmother. She could be you.

And I think you’d be amazed at how different her life is under President Obama versus Mitt Romney.

We put together a tool to illustrate that difference: The Life of Julia. See for yourself.

The life of every middle-class woman will be profoundly affected by the outcome of this election.

Right now, the policies President Obama put in place are helping make health care and college more affordable. They’re ensuring that a woman can take action if she has not been paid fairly as a working professional, that she won’t have to pay more for health coverage than a man, and that she can retire with dignity.

These policies aren’t just helping women right now. They’re going to have significant effects on a strong middle class and on our economic growth for decades — helping generation after generation of Julias. Because this president knows that women aren’t a special-interest group. They’re almost half of our workforce. They’re our mothers, wives, and daughters. And that means women’s issues are America’s issues.

With Mitt Romney in the White House, we’d see Obamacare repealed and an end to Medicare as we know it, and we’d have a president who’s refused to stand up for equal pay for equal work.

Everyone needs to understand the very real consequences that this election holds for women — from their education, to their health, to their ability to earn equal wages for equal work.

Republicans like Mitt Romney are hoping you’re not thinking about your health, your future salary, or your child’s education when you’re considering the choice you have this fall. And they’re going to spend most of their time and almost every dollar they raise on distracting you with things that, frankly, aren’t the issues that matter to ordinary Americans.

So, ask yourself: What do you want this country to look like? Would you like it be a place where your opportunities aren’t limited by your ability to afford college, where you have access to the preventive care necessary to keep you healthy, and where your hard work earns you the same amount as men doing the exact same job?

Then do something.

Take a look at The Life of Julia, and then share it. Every woman — and everyone who cares about a woman — in America needs to see this:



Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America