Veterans and Military Families Support Obama

Today is the official launch of Veterans and Military Families for Obama, a group dedicated to getting involved in this election around the issues that affect those of us in the military community. Over the next few days, in towns and cities across the country, supporters like you will come together to build this movement.

We’re going to be a huge part of re-electing President Obama — and we know better than most what dedicated people can accomplish when they team up to achieve a common goal.

Watch this video message from the President and First Lady, and sign up to join us.

Video: Barack and Michelle Obama's message for veterans

Be sure to pass this along to anyone you know who might want to be a part of this, too.

President Obama has often said there is nothing he takes more seriously than his role as Commander in Chief and the responsibility he has to those who have served and sacrificed for their country. Over the past three years, the President has backed up his words with his actions.

Since he took office, 142,000 American troops have left Iraq, and we’ve eliminated much of al-Qaeda’s senior leadership — including Osama bin Laden himself.

The President has significantly boosted the Veterans Affairs budget to ensure that veterans receive the highest quality benefits, and has made mental health services for every returning veteran a top priority.

But, as a veteran myself, I understand we have much more to do for America’s returning troops. Far too many servicemen and women find themselves struggling to make ends meet when they return home.

That’s why President Obama has led the fight to put America’s veterans back to work by signing tax credits that incentivize businesses to hire veterans. It’s also why he’s proposed creating a Veterans Job Corps to enlist veterans in the work of rebuilding our nation.

We’ve made great strides for veterans and military families under this president. But our work is not done, and the progress we’ve already made is at stake.

That’s why your support in this campaign is critical.

Join Veterans and Military Families for Obama today, and help continue the work we’ve started:


Robert Diamond
Veterans and Military Families Vote Director
Obama for America

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